OPI Photonics high power BrighteX laser modules combine multiple single-emitters into a delivery fiber using two packaging platforms (P1 – P2) delivering up to 300W at 8xx or 9xx nm. Each platform constitutes the base for OPI Photonics standard products, but also enables tailoring the specifications according to customer requirements. Thanks to this unique innovative approach, customers can choose from a standard product portfolio customized solution.

By introducing the BrightboX line, OPI Photonics extends the platform approach to laser diode systems, offering a versatile and flexible OEM solution for mid-power ranges. The BrightboX comes in the form of a laser engine that incorporates multiple laser diodes for proper power scaling and (optionally) a smart electronic controller.

BrighteX Line – Fiber coupled laser diodes

The BrighteX line features two high power laser diode platforms (P1 – P2) emitting up to 300W at 8xx or 9xx nm wavelengths.

BrighteX-P1 – Up to 150W


BrighteX-P2 – Up to 300W


BrightboX Line – Laser diode systems

The BrightboX line offers a laser engine coming in different VIS-NIR wavelengths and power levels up to 500W for seamless integration as OEM solution. Optional smart electronic control is available on request.

BrightboX-E1 – Up to 500W